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Severely damaged flat roof gets new lease of life!


Mr Scothern had spent many unhappy years with a leaking flat roof over his extension. Over the years there had been several failed attempts to repair the roof and on two previous occasions the roof had been renewed but still, the leaks continued! Eventually, Mr Scothern was recommended to Roof Care by a colleague for whom we had we had previously undertaken work.

The challenge

To make Mr Scothern’s flat roof permanently watertight and put the smile back on his face as it had been a very stressful situation for Mr Scothern for a long time!

Our Answer

We recommended a Firestone rubber roof cover because in our experience nothing does a better job achieving a permanent seamless bond preventing water from leaking through than this little Gem.

Once the site was made safe and ready for our team, work started by reducing the height of the brickwork and render around the roof to eliminate any weakness, we then removed the old roof cover and boarding to gain access to the roof Truss Spars.

Once exposed, we were able to inspect the roof spar’s and any rotten or damaged spars were removed and fitted with new timbers as required.

Having renewed the roof spas where necessary, we then installed insulation to keep the room energy-efficient and ultimately saving the home-owner money on heating bills.

We fitted a new black uPVC fascia to the roof. Then we covered the insulation with Firestone recommended Sterling OSB boarding before the fitting of a new seamless rubber roof which we then applied with all the associated trims.

To complete the project, we refitted all the slates to the main roof that had been disturbed in order to fit the new flat roof to the extension.

The Result

One smart looking watertight Flat roof that will last for many years to come: peace of mind and smile back on Mr Scothern’s face!