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Fenton and Fenton cares about our customers, visitors and staff

There is no doubt that being in and around the building industry environment presents a number of potential dangers: Dust, vapours, vibration, noise, etc

With this in mind we have decided to set some guideline reminders to help our customers visitors and staff to keep safe when they are in an around our yard and sites.

Can you hear me?

  • Do you have to raise your voice to have a normal conversation when about 2 m apart for at least part of the day?
  • Are there noises because of impacts (eg hammering, drop forging, pneumatic impact tools etc), explosive sources such as cartridge-operated tools or detonators, or guns?

These are just two of the questions raised by the HSS when assessing the risks from noisy environments.

Help us to do what is needed to protect your hearing. Make sure you use properly any noise control devices and follow any working methods that are put in place.

Breath easy

Exposure to any dust in excessive amounts can create respiratory problems. Never assume that any dust is safe. All uncontrolled dusts are potentially hazardous. In particular, any uncontrolled dry process or dusty work activity, especially in an enclosed environment, is likely to create a dust problem.

Control measures usually involve a combination of equipment and ways of working to reduce exposure. The right combination is crucial. No measures, however practical, can work unless they are used properly.

Hello sunshine

Protracted periods of time working outside in sunny conditions require us all to take extra care. It’s is especially important for outdoor workers to take precautions against exposure to the sun. Tempting as it might be to think that because you are out in all weathers that you have some kind of built in immunity you don’t!

Sunscreens, shade, hats and covering up when possible are all vitally important to keeping you safe from exposure to potential skin problems ranging from burns to cancer.

Good vibrations

Many of the tools associated with roofing work can contibute to Hand arm vibration syndrome(HAVS) resulting from prolonged exposure to vibration, specifically to the hands and forearms while using vibrating tools. Symptoms include numbness, tingling, and loss of nerve sensitivity.

Keeping up to date with checks and servicing is crucially important as are taking regular breaks and using the right toll for the job.

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What’s that smell?

Volatile Organic Compounds know as VOCs can be found in many substances associated with the building industry and carry health effects including; Eye, nose and throat irritation, Headaches, damage to liver, kidney and central nervous system, Some o can cause cancer in animals, some are suspected or known to cause cancer in humans.

When using these substances reduce exposure by increasing ventilation and Meet or exceed any label precautions.

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