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Whether you're looking for a new roof on your house/building or if the existing roof has any type of damage, Fenton And Fenton can provide a full range of roofing services to meet your requirements. Fenton And Fenton specialise in domestic & commercial repair and renewal.

Guarantees for roof work vary depending on the nature of the project but our work carries full public liability insurance for your protection should the unexpected happen.

Flat Roofing

FIRESTONE EPDM systems This system gives the ultimate in flat roof performance. Ethylene propylene diene monomer which is a single ply synthetic rubber membrane specifically manufactured for flat roof applications. It is designed to outlast ALL conventional roofing products from felt to fibre.

EPDM synthetic rubber is the modern answer to the age-old problem of flat roofs. It is fitted in one piece the size of the roof so is seamless, creating no weak spots on joints etc. EPDM rubber will flex and resists all changes in temperature without cracking or peeling and is totally resistant to atmospheric pollution. Not a single drop of water will penetrate a rubber roof, think of all the other applications for rubber; Wellington boots, gloves, diving suits etc. All kinds of applications have proved that rubber is the first impervious material that people think of as totally waterproof. EPDM is also unaffected by UV light and ozone.


UPVC Fascias

Fenton and Fenton ltd fit and supply all ranges of UPVC products and fittings from fascias, soffits and guttering to dry ridge and verge systems and all cladding, we have specifically trained installers of these products whose job is only the specific job of fitting UPVC products. Giving us the confidence to say we have the best overall service.

Fenton and Fenton also have the policies of full replacement works so total removal of any existing materials wooden fascias etc. there is no point to covering over damaged rotten woodwork this only takes away from the ability of the fixing products to maintain a proper fit and fixing to your home, also leaving the rotten material to affect the other wooden materials in your roof by the transfer of damp, moulds etc. All our products are British and industry standard. They also carry manufacturer's warranties for life span and colourfastness. We only use the most advanced fixings on the installation of are products, corrode and stress resistant to insure a life span over and above the estimated. On completion of UPVC works a complete inspection is carried out and all installations are cleaned and a conditioner is applied. A correctly fitted UPVC system enhances the appearance of your home, also relieving you from annual maintenance, no more swinging from a ladder to paint.

Re Roofs

There is a lot involved in re-roof works from application to the local building regulation department, to insuring that the roof structure is sound in case for the need for the fitting of extra supports after all the last thing you need is for your roof to make an appearance in your living room. Finding the products that are the best suited to the individual property, the range is immense from natural slates to clay tiles, concrete tiles and manmade slates; they range in size, shape and colour. With hundreds of re-roofs under our belts Fenton and Fenton have covered the whole range of products therefore our estimators and fitters no all the problems associated with these types of works from the weight bearing loads to the correct roofing felt membranes for the correct ventilation.

Maintenance repair specialists - offering leak detection & permanent fix - No fix, no fee!

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Our Services

Whether you're looking for a new roof or your existing roof has been damaged, we can do it all...

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